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About us

We are an OC based start-up company founded during our capstone project for undergraduate engineering though bioEngine at Applied Innovations at UCI. Working on a lean start up model, we balance the science with business. Our company is results-driven, hungry to make a space in the market, and looking for business and regulatory affairs mentors.

Why Create Onsite?

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States, costing over $70 billion annually. Presently, stroke diagnosis relies on brain scans to distinguish between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. CT (computed tomography) is the most common method of diagnosing and differentiating strokes. CT’s are expensive, time-consuming, and require a skilled technician to read and interpret results. They are also in high demand at hospitals, resulting in long wait times. The limited availability and accessibility of CT scans being the crucial limiting factor in the treatment paradigm demonstrates a severe need for portable and efficient diagnostic techniques.

Current Treatment Plan

Current methods of diagnosing strokes rely on giving the patient a CT scan and interpreting the resulting image. Unfortunately, many strokes do not present obviously on a CT scan, and a patient may be either having a stroke and failing to exhibit identifiable symptoms, or not having a stroke though their symptoms mimic one. CT scans are in high demand in hospitals, so several other companies have developed methods for detecting strokes.