About OnSite-RSA

OnSite’s Rapid Stroke Assessment is a paper-based test that will give a definitive diagnosis in 15 minutes. The paper strips are disposable and do not allow for cross contamination between patients. Onsite-RSA can be administered on site by first responders. This will speed up diagnosis and indicate if the patient should be taken directly to a stroke center, getting the patient the treatment they need sooner and cutting down on healthcare costs of recovery and rehabilitation

Science and Technology

When the body is responding to an infection or a disease it produces specific antibodies to detect and destroy antigens, which are foreign presences in the body. Therefore, antibodies are indicative of specific diseases. Through much research the antibodies produced in the body for different diseases are now known and thus can be used to quickly test for specific antigens. Antibodies are specific to one kind of antigen, be it protein or foreign invader. When a stroke occurs, the body releases proteins that indicate a clot or bleed inside the brain. These stroke-indicating proteins are used to accurately diagnose stroke. Antibodies that target this specific protein are used in its detection.

A lateral flow assay is a procedure performed on paper-based components. Lateral flow tests are inexpensive and fast at detecting target analytes without the need for specialized or costly equipment.